Podenco Ibicenco

The Podenco Ibicenco (also known as Ibizian hound) is thought to have been originated in Egypt and there after were distributed throughout Spain in early 700 BC. This breed is a very rapid hunter and was used mostly to hunt game and rabbit. As well as finding and catching their prey, the Podenco Ibicenco retrieves it and 'points' out the find to their master, which are more characteristics of Retrievers or Pointers.

This ancient breed of dog is elegant, agile, and very clever making them perfect working dogs for the sport of hunting. They are a sight hunter, and are very efficient in doing so. Today the Ibizian Hound is more used for racing or lure hunting or coursing. Their speed and agility make them great competitors among the lure racing sport.

Slender and athletic, the Podenco Ibicenco has the body of a hunter. They have a long muscular neck and a thin face. Their body is compact yet light, giving this dog steadfast speed. The Podenco Ibicenco has large ears that are pricked upward to enhance their already acute hearing. This breed has 3 coat types, smooth, wire and long haired with smooth being the most popular among breeders and fanciers alike.

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