The Poitevin is a medium to large size dog, originating in Poitou province of France. This hunting breed was developed from now extinct Chien Ceris and Montemboeuf by Marquis Francois de Larrye in 1692. Originally developed to hunt wolves, which were in large number in the area, this breed is now prized for hunting on deer and hare.

Previously known as "Haut-Poitou Hound", this is a medium to large size dog with a light, well balanced and athletic breed without appearing too coarse or large. It stands between 24-28 inches and weighs about 65-75 lbs. This elegant dog has long, not too broad head, flat skull and strong, wide muzzle. Nose is strong, wide and prominent. Large eyes are round, having lovely expression. Medium length, fine ears are set low. Long and slim neck is free of dewlap. This dogs' athletic, light yet strong body comes with well muscled back, muscular loin, deep chest with long ribs and slightly tucked up belly. Medium length, fine and smooth tail is carried elegantly with a slight curve.

The short and glossy coat with a range of colours give this dog an striking appearance. Common coat colours are wolf color, bi-colour (white and orange) or tri colour (with black saddle or large black patches).

This breed is NOT recognized by AKC however it is recognized by FCI.

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