Polish Hound

The Polish Hound is an ancient hunting dog breed and among the five Polish breeds that are recognized internationally. Ogar Polski, as this dog is otherwise known, was developed in 13th century as a hunting breed. Uncertainty prevails over its exact origination. Some believe that this dog came into being when St. Hubart was crossed with local Polish dogs though some also believe that it was developed from German and Australian breeds. This large and impressive dog comes with impressive muscular physique and beautiful resonant voice. It is a tenacious hunter that will not be intimated by harsh weather or difficult terrain when it is on the hunt. The dog stands between 22-25.5 inches and weighs about 55-70 lbs.

This strong-boned and compactly built dog comes with a noble head, slightly convex skull and elongated muzzle. Large and wide nose is coat coloured. Medium size eyes have kind, gentle and serene expression. Broad based, medium length hanging ears are set at eye level. Medium length and well muscled neck has loose skin with folded dewlap.

The compact and well boned body gives impression of strength yet lightness. It comes with long, broad and muscled back, deep, wide chest with well sprung ribs and slightly tucked-up belly. Medium thick, rather bushy tail is carried low and in sabre fashion in repose and held high when the dog is in action.

Medium length, harsh and thick coat is close fitting. It is longer on back, back of hindquarters and tail. Hair is short and soft on head and ears. Undercoat is abundant in winter and less in summer. It comes in bi colouring.

This breed is NOT recognized by AKC however it is recognized by UKC.

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