The Pomeranian originated in what is now part of Germany and Poland but in the past was called Pomerania. They were bred purely for companionship and are considered a German Spitz breed of dog. They are tiny little guys that were once of medium size and weighed up to 30 lbs! They were used to herd sheep in the late 18th century and around this time period, English nobility began to own these dogs which boosted their popularity in England. These dogs were prized for their appearance and were bred to be smaller and smaller where today they weigh roughly 7 lbs.

This breed has a fluffy thick coat and a small pointy muzzle resembling a fox! They have a tightly curled tail which wraps around itself to touch their back, and slender legs giving them a jolly gait. The Pomeranian has small triangular ears that are pointed upward and large dark eyes giving them an overall kind expression. These dogs are full of personality and despite their size, will act as though they were a large breed!

Independent, smart, and alert, the Pomeranian is an animated breed that will keep their owners on their toes! These dogs are entertaining and love to receive attention from their owners, but will not be a clingy breed. Their independent nature allows them a chance to spend family time together but can be on their own exploring or playing by themselves. The Pomeranian will make great family pets because they get along well with other dogs and cats, but should not be around young children as they can become intolerant.

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