The Poochin dog breed is a hybrid or designer breed dog. This is not pure breed dog. The origin of the breed is a mix developed from the Poodle and the Japanese Chin breeds. They are also known to be Poo-Chin, Chinpoo and Chin-Poo.

This dog seems to have moved away from the look of their Japanese Chin predecessors. Their upturned nose is set on its broad muzzle which only about an inch short. Their dark colored eyes are set widely and are almost round in shape. Their ears are flappy with some feathering and almost reach their jaw line.

They are naturally quiet, friendly, happy, fun-loving dogs who love children. They could easily get along well with other household pets. This makes them suitable as family dogs. They need very little exercise and are fine indoors most of the time but they still need to be walked. This dogs are hypo-allergenic as they shed little to none.

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