The Poogles dog breed is not a purely bred dog. They are called hybrid or designer breed dog types developed from half Poodle and half Beagle breed. Poogles are also called Beapoo or Beagapoo. This hybrid originated in the United States during the 1980s.

They can weigh 11-25 lbs. on the average. Smaller Poogles are from the Miniature Poodle while the larger ones are from the Standard Poodle. Their body is solid, rectangular in shape and longer than the dog's height. The neck is slightly longer than average; chest is moderately large and deep while the head is typically carried proud. The head is more like the Beagle in shape. There is lots of wavy hair across their muzzles, cheeks and forehead. They have large round eyes, very intelligent and friendly looking. Their ears are medium long and hang down lower than the jaw line.

Poogles are very fun, exciting, outgoing, friendly and crave human interaction. Very suitable as watchdogs and family dogs. They like being around children and other dogs. If properly socialized, they can get along well with other non-canine house pets. This dog is sheds very light and they can be hypoallergenic.

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