The Porcelaine is a scenthound dog that originated in France. Also called Chien de Franche-Comte and Lun�ville Hound, this breed is considered to be oldest French scenthound breed. Its name Porcelaine refers to its shining coat that makes this dog look like a porcelaine statuette. The dog has incredibly short, very fine smooth hair and the black mottling on pink skin that gives the coat the sheen likened to porcelain. At a distance, the coat would look like a pale blue glass. This dog was used to hunt hare and roe deers. As is the case with most old breeds, there is uncertainty over exact origination of this dog. It is believed to have originated from now extinct Montaimboeuf dog. It was also believed that this beautiful and statuesque breed has descended from the English Harrier and from the Swiss Laufhunds. Because of the impressive white coat the Chien Blanc du Roy and the white variant of the St. Huberts was considered as the progenitors of this breed. Like any other ancient breeds the origin of the Porcelaine is also uncertain. However, the breed's existence was traced back to the 1600s.

This medium size dog stands between 22-23 inches and weighs about 55-62 lbs. The nose of a Porcelaine dog is black with very wide nostrils. It also has black eyes and long ears that droop down. The neck is long and the tail starts thick and narrows to a point at the end. The fur is white, sometimes with orange spots, often on the ears. The skin should be white with black mottling that is visible through the white coat. The fur is incredibly short and very fine.

This breed is NOT recognized by AKC however it is recognized by FCI.

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