Portuguese Pointer

The Portuguese Pointer is a medium sized breed of dog developed as a gun dog. The dog is mainly used in Red-legged Partridge hunting and is one of several pointing breeds. The dog was initially bred in the royal kennels and later on became a very popular hunting dog for the lower classes of society. The Portuguese Pointer is also known to be called as Perdigueiro Portugueso and Portuguese Pointing Dog.

The dogs are overly affectionate and friendly that it has sometimes become inappropriate and inconvenient. They are, as mentioned, overly affectionate and extremely dedicated to their owners. These dogs are obedient and submissive that they will retrieve or hunt anything commanded with much eagerness. The dog thrives on physical contact and attention that when satisfied, they will surely return the favor by becoming intense hunters and highly trainable. The obedient dog is good with children and other dogs making them an all-around friendly hunting dog for the family.

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