Portuguese Water Dog

The Portuguese Water Dog (PWD) originated in Portugal and was bred to chase fish into the fisherman's netting and to collect the torn nets from the water! They used to be a very valuable asset to fishermen, but today there are more modern machines and devices that can do their job, so the breed itself is prized as a loving companion.

This breed has a solid, athletic body and strong muscular legs, giving them their quick strides in water. They have floppy triangular ears and large expressive eyes. The PWD has a long slender tail, a long muzzle, and a thick coat that protects them from extremely cold water!

The PWD is an energetic, affectionate and caring dog that will be a joy to own. They develop very strong bonds with their owners and will need to have a large amount of attention to be truly happy. Generally a cheerful and sweet breed, the PWD loves to play and will make a fantastic family dog because they adore children and will interact well with smaller animals in the household.

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