The Poshies comes from two lines with herding ancestry, the Pomeranian and the Shetland Sheepdaog, or Sheltie.

The Pomeranian, named after an old region between Germany and Poland, is best known for its luxuriant fur and popularity as a companion dog. Delicate, lively and extroverted, the Pomeranian is a double coated bundle of energy, suited for indoor living and often bruited to be extremely clever at getting its owner to do its bidding.

The Sheltie is a small-to-medium sized herding dog that traces its ancestry to the Scottish highlands, where Spitz-type dogs were crossed with working Collie breeds, then brought over to the mainland Great Britain. A highly agile and alert breed, the Sheltie registers high on the Coren's Intelligence Scale, and does well as family dog constantly surrounded by people and stimulated by activity.

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