The Powderpap is a cross between the Papillon and the Powderpuff variety of the Chinese Crested. Both parent breeds are small, dainty dogs prized as much as for the beauty of their long coats as for the intelligent, alert, and friendly companionship they offer.

The Powderpuff is notable in that it comes in the same litter as the Hairless, another Chinese Crested variety. As the name suggests, its litter-mate is hairless all over, with a few tufts only here and there. The Powderpuff, on the other hand, lives up to its name with an abundant double coat, the top coat growing to the floor, if allowed, and lying over its back and body in a silky, straight fall.

The Papillon, so-called because the common variety has prick ears with a butterfly-shaped fringe of hair, also shares a litter with the Phalene, a droop-eared variety. The Papillon is one of the oldest and smallest of the Spaniel family, and is a an elegant yet loving companion dog. The breed is believed to have originated from Belgium.

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