The Pug-A-Mo is a cross between the well-loved companion breed, the Pug, and the American Eskimo Dog, which is actually neither from America nor an Eskimo, and which was bred primarily to be a guard dog.

The Pug's relatively straightforward origins are well-documented in ancient Chinese drawings and paintings, where it is shown to be an Imperial pet and used to the lap of luxury. When it was brought to Europe, it readily found favor with European royalty as well, with its compact size, funny antics, and well-rounded personality.

The American Eskimo dog, or Eski, on the other hand, is descended from white-coated European Spitzes, brought by immigrants to the US east coast in the early part of the 20th century. Among the different Spitz families, the German Spitz was renamed "American Spitz" during World War I, and was probably cross-bred with Japanese Spitzes after the war. In any case, the American Eskimo Dog was produced from these crosses and was officially recognized as a breed.

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