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Breed group:     Type: Hybrid    Talent: , ,


Size: Small     Weight: 8 - 18 lbs     Fur length: Long    Ears: Flappy    Fur type: Straight    Fur Color: Black, Black & White, Gray / Salt & Pepper, White / Cream


Life Expectancy: 15 - 19 years    Rarity: Uncommon    Availability: Hard to find    Climate: Good for every climate.

Breed Details


The Pug-Coton mix is interesting in that one of the parent breeds, the Coton de Tulear, is a relatively rare breed despite its singularly beautiful coat and healthy genetic make-up.

If the Pug was bred, propagated, and pampered by the Chinese ruling classes, the Coton de Tulear is the island of Madagascar's national dog, and also used to be the domain of only the island rulers. Naval trade might have brought the breed onto the island, but it was there that it flourished and was recognized. Today, standards are maintained for the breed, and it has been gaining popularity in Europe and the US.

Both companion dogs, the Pug and the Coton de Tulear share similar traits that endear them to their owners and make their value readily obvious to dog breed enthusiasts.


The Pug-Coton will come in some solid colors, a bi-color (black and white), or a tri-color (of white ground with champagne/cream markings and larger black patches). Solids will be fawn, apricot, gray or black. Eyes could be brown or black, while nose and lips will be black.


The distinctive Coton de Tulear's coat is long, but dry to the touch rather than silky --- hence the French word for "cotton." The pug's coat, on the other hand, is short and flat against the skin. The Pug-Coton will take after either parent's coats, or a combination of the two.


The Pug-Coton is possessed of a steady temperament that belies its energy for games and tricks. It is a perfect companion dog for all ages, as it is patient and can actively engage attention and affection. It is not too needy, however, as to attach itself to its owner and constantly be underfoot. It merely has the confidence of knowing that it is a lovable dog worthy of anyone's time, and carries itself accordingly. The Pug-Coton will go up to any dog or stranger and expect to be extended a paw or hand in friendship, as it knows of no other possible outcome.


A medium to long coat will require proper and constant grooming. Brushing and combing will ensure all tangles are smoothed out, and bathing once a month will neutralize any odors. A short fur will require much less brushing, although during shedding, brushing will help clear away the shed hair.


Training and socialization from puppyhood is a must, to ensure the Pug-Coton grows up well-rounded. Amiable and intelligent, it will not be as resistant to training as some breeds, and positive reinforcement will help cement good behavior.


The Pug-Coton will not be too demanding in the way of exercise. A daily walk or a romp in a fenced area will go a long way. Indoor games and tricks will further help stimulate the Pug-Coton and keep it from boredom. The Pug-Coton is a companion, not a working or service dog, and vigorous or extended exercise might turn out to do more harm than good.

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