The Pugese is a cross between the Pug and the Chinese Crested. As often happens with cross-breeding, one parent's traits might show more than the other, or an equal mix of traits could be inherited by the offspring. This could be made more interesting by the fact that with one parent, the relatively rare Chinese Crested, two types of dogs could come from the same litter — the Hairless and the Powderpuff. Going by the name, the Hairless has most of its skin exposed, and long silky fur grow only on the head (crest), the tail (plume), and the paws (socks). The Powderpuff, on the other hand, is adequately covered by its soft, fine coat.

Despite the name, the Chinese Crested is believed to have originated in Africa, and was only brought out of the continent by Chinese trading ships. The Chinese Crested is a small, finely-boned dog that is good-natured and loves to play.

The Pug originated from China, as the privileged pets of the Chinese Imperial Palace. Energetic and highly social, they are prized for their fun and affectionate personality.

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