For people who prefer a sweet and gentle dog able to sense their moods and act accordingly, the Puggat would be the perfect pet. A cross between the Pug and the American Rat Terrier, the Puggat is a small dog that nevertheless delivers big in the companion department. Combining the older Pug breed and the relatively young Rat Terrier has also resulted in a healthy hybrid that can avoid many of the inherited ailments and conditions of its parent breeds.

The Pug is a dog well-known for its winning personality and its outgoing sociability. For several centuries the favored lap dogs and exclusive domain of Chinese royalty, the Pug was prized as an indoor companion. Introduced to Europe in the16th century, the Pug continued to enjoy royal patronage, even as its popularity slowly spread to the masses.

The American Rat Terrier, oftentimes confused with the Jack Russell Terrier, is a more laid back dog that nevertheless can convey affection and cheer. A terrier originally bred to help around the farm and destroy vermin, the Rat Terrier has good speed and a keen hunting sense. But it does, in turn, enjoy a good laze around the house, and can be a playful companion as well.

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