The Puggit is cross between a Pug and an Italian Greyhound. Lithe in build but bred for companionship rather than ability or athleticism, the Puggit is a gentle, even-tempered dog that shows and returns affection, and can play with kids as much as just lounge around the house with the family.

The Italian Greyhound is a selectivly-bred sight hound, and the smallest in its family. Possessed of a slender, graceful build and good speed, the "I.G." or "Iggy" originated from the Mediterranean region and was popularized in Italy, but as much for their temperament and character as for their physical attributes.

The Pug, on the other hand, originated from China and was a lap dog to royals and nobles. An indoor breed given to affectionate play and antics, the Pug was brought over to Europe where it quickly gained popularity for its charm and sociability.

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