The Puggle is the result of a cross between the Pug and the Beagle. This small dog will have the sweet and gentle temperaments of its parents, and will make good companions for any age.

The Beagle is noted for its stable temperament and passivity, as well as for its ability to track a scent. The Pug, on the other hand, is well-like for its outgoing personality and confidence, although it is largely bred for indoor companionship and is not suited for work or sport.

The Puggle will have an admixture of its parent breeds' more outstanding characteristics, like long droopy ears, wrinkles on the face, short legs and a compact, muscled body.

The Puggle is a result of cross-breeding in the 1980's, and since then, popularity has grown due to its personality and appearance. People also believe that cross-breeds tend to be healthier than their pure-bred parents, but this does not mean the Puggle does not have its share of health concerns.

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