The Pug is a small, well-known breed that originated from ancient China and found popularity with European royalty as well. Today, it is a prized companion dog, its peculiar appearance notwithstanding. The flat, wrinkly face, shortened muzzle and bulging eyes will typically call attention first, but the dog's winning personality, "multum in parvo", or a "much in little," soon appears and impresses.

The typically white-coated West Highland White Terrier, or Westie, is from a breed of Scottish terriers that are commonly wheaten. White coloration often being taken to be a sign of genetic defects, the first few Westies to appear were said to have been destroyed, before someone figured out that a separate Scottish Terrier line was trying to establish itself. Succeeding breeding turned out in today's Westy, a hardy breed that is valued as much for its hunting ability as for its loyalty to its master.

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