If the Pug was favored by Chinese dynasties, and later on by European royal houses, the Scottish Terrier has had its share of patronage from Scottish royals and US presidents. The statue of Franklin Delano Roosevelt in Washington DC includes his beloved Scotty, Fala, seated on the ground a few feet away from him.

The Pugottie, a cross of these two breeds, is an interesting breed that can be alternately affectionate and aloof, social and territorial. The Pug parent would typically be an excitable bundle of energy that nevertheless loves nothing more than lolling in its owner's lap. The Scotty, descended from working and hunting Scottish breeds, may not be as showily affectionate as the Pug, but it is known to be protective of and loyal to who it considers as family.

The Scotty's energy level and the Pug's winning personality make for a dog that is enjoyable both indoors and outdoors. The size is an added bonus for condo or apartment dwellers.

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