The Pumi is a medium small multi-talented and multifunctional terrier-type dog that originated in Hungary. Known and valued for its working skills as a herding dog that can herd not only sheep but cows and pigs and as general farm dog, the Pumi is also an efficient small rodent hunter. It originated during 17th and 18th century from crossing between German and French pricked ears sheepdogs and Puli dogs. Though initially, this breed was considered same as the Pumi but it was recognized as a separate breed in 1920 and a separate breed standard was written for it.

This breed has a typical terrier appearance. Standing between 13-19 inches and weighing between 18-33 lbs, the dog comes with a terrier-type long and narrow head, elongated muzzle, long and slightly doomed forehead and always black, narrow nose. Medium size, dark brown eyes are set moderately apart with expression of liveliness and intelligence. Medium size, high set, erect ears are reverse V shaped and bending forward from tip. Medium length neck is slightly arched, muscular and comes with tight skin, without any skin folds. The body is lean and well muscled and comes with a rigid and straight back, deep chest and slightly tucked-up belly. This dog comes in thick and medium double coat. Topcoat is strong and a bit rough while the undercoat is soft. Grey and all shades of grey is the most common colour for this dog however this breed also comes in white black and the yellow-brown coat with a darker mask that is called maszkos fak�. Tan, brown and blue coated pups are occasionally born but these coat colors are disqualified for shows.

This breed is NOT recognized by AKC however it is recognized by other major kennel clubs like FCI, UKC, NZKC,ANKC and AKC (FSS).

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