The Pushon is an adorable companion dog bred from two breeds known for having had their turn in some of the world's most distinguished laps.

The Pug, a small-to-medium breed originating from China, has won over several august personages with its squashed-looking face, round, bulging eyes, and small, compact build. Aside from being a favored pet in ancient Chinese dynasties, the Pug was brought to and graced Europe's royal houses as well, finding favor with French, English, and Italian royalites, to name a few. Breed enthusiasts often describe the breed's personality as multum in parvo, "much in little."

The Bichon Frise, a breed from the Mediterranean region, was favored by Spanish and Italian sailors for their cheerful company aboard ships in the 13th and 14th centuries. Traded often, they found their way to France and flourished, where the name Bichon Frise, meaning "curly white lap dog," stuck.

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