One of the more interesting breed crosses is the Pyredoodle, a mix between the Pyrenean Mountain Dog, or Great Pyrenees, and the Poodle.

As diverse as the two parent breeds are in characteristics such as appearance or temperament, the cross will not reliably turn out any one dog with a predetermined admixture of the two. Offspring can equally take after both parents, one more than the other, or seem nothing like one parent breed at all.

The Great Pyrenees is a large, white-coated mountain dog that originated in France, and was used by Basque people in herding and guarding their livestock in the Pyrenees region between France and Spain. Noted for its calm, self-assured manner and encompassing protectiveness over its charges, the Pyrenees is considered part of the family and provides a quiet and gentle companionship when not at work.

The Poodle, of French/German origin, is a small- to medium-sized dog instantly recognizable the world over because of its curly coat and the various eye-catching clips it can sport in shows. Too, the miniature or toy variations of the breed have become somewhat stylish pets, adopted only by those with enough time, patience or money to have them regularly and professionally groomed.

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