Rhodesian Ridgeback

The Rhodesian Ridgeback originated from Rhodesia (now called Zimbabwe ) Africa. They are also called the African Lion hound and as the name suggests, were bred to hunt lions but could also hunt and retrieve game for the family. They are a cross between the Deerhound, Mastiff, and other African dogs that have the fur on their back ridged. The Ridgeback was designed to be a hunter and also a family companion as mothers would entrust this dog to watch over her children when she was not present.

The Ridgeback is an athletic dog that has a toned body. Their skull is large and they have a long muzzle with floppy triangular ears. What makes this dog unique is its line of backward fur called the 'ridge' that runs down the spine. Their jaws are extremely powerful, which is needed for the prey they hunt. These dogs are known for being able to live in hot temperatures and can live without water and food for more then one day.

This breed is a very affectionate companion as they love to be part of the family pack and will not do well if left alone often. They are reserved around strangers but will warm up once they are introduced a few times.

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