Roman Rottweiler

The Roman Rottweiler can be described as an over-sized Rottweiler. It was developed by one Emily Tiscarenio from Tibetan Mastiff and possibly Italian Mastiff. Look-wise, the Roman Rottweilers are same as traditional Rottweilers. Difference between the two breeds is in temperament and more mastiff like/flock guardian type in appearance.

It comes with a large and broad head with wrinkling, broad skull, full and deep muzzle and wide black or self coloured nose. Dark, almond shaped eyes are well set apart. Pendant shape ears are set well apart. The dog comes with a powerful neck, broad and deep chest with well sprung rounded ribs and docked or natural tail. Coat is thick and ranges from smooth to plush. Thick plush coat is desired for a Rottie working as a flock guardian. The coat color is black/tan, black/rust, black/dark rust, black/mahogany and can also come in red/tan, blue/tan or black.

This breed is NOT recognized by AKC.

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