The Rottaf is an impressive mix of strength and majesty, endurance and grace. Bred of the Rottweiler and the Afghan Hound, dogs known for singularities in appearance and/or personality, the Rottaf promises to be a dog like no other. With cross-breeding being an inexact science, there is no sure way to tell which parent breed a hybrid dog will favor, whether both breeds contribute an equal number of characteristics, or even if the cross can combine the best of both parent breeds. As with the usual cases, responsible ownership, proper training, and positive human interaction will largely dictate a dog's development, no matter the parent breeds.

The Rottweiler is a German breed, most probably descended from Roman mastiffs and molosser-type dogs cross-bred with native German breeds. It was primarily a working dog, invaluable and tireless around the farm.

The Afghan Hound, one of the oldest breeds, is a sighthound from the mountains of Afghanistan. Almost extinct during the World Wars, the breed was introduced in the 1900's to Great Britain, and eventually, to the US. Tall with an impressive fall of coat, the Afghan Hound has an imposing appearance and is prized today as a companion dog, although it was also bred for security and hunting.

The Rottaf, if taking after the Rottweiler, will be of stocky build and a deep chest, with muscularity and body proportions well-balanced to give it a compact look. The Afghan Hound look has more elegant lines, with a straight front, long, high nose and arched neck. The paws are notably large and lie flat on the ground. The tail is tapered and has a curl towards the end.

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