The Rottle is a cross of the Poodle and the Rottweiler, two breeds with very high working and obedience intelligences, despite their breed differences. Both are German breeds, although the Poodle was originally a water-hunting and retrieving dog while the Rottweiler was a herding and working dog on livestock farms.

The Poodle, an inveterate performer, was the darling of Spanish and French royalty when the breed first started to spread across Europe. Aside from its appearance, however, which has spawned several styles of clips, the Poodle is also a dog of substance. Quick to pick up and eager to please, it has been a featured performer in circuses around the world.

The Rottweiler is believed to be from Roman mastiffs and molossers bred with native German dogs, from when the Roman legion was moving through parts of Germany. Its great strength and calm made it invaluable to livestock farmers that needed an effective herder, a tireless harness animal. and a formidable guard against scoundrels.

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