Russian Hound

The Russian Hound is a medium size scenthound breed that originated in Russia in 1800s. Exact origination of this breed is unknown but this same breed is the progenitor of another wonderful Russian hunting dog, the Russian Harlequin Hound.

This is a medium size dog that stands between 24-27 inches and weighs about 40-70 lbs. The dog has an athletic, well balanced and strong body that is slightly longer than tall, wolf-like large head, dark eyes and small, triangular ears. The long tail is carried low.

The Russian Hound has a short and dense coat that comes in yellow-red color with or without white markings.

The Russian Hound has been used in hunting small and medium size game since its development. It is usually used in pair with the Barzoi dog when the Russian Hound locates and sends the game towards open field where Barzoi is ready for further chase and catch.

The Russian Hound is NOT recognized by AKC.

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