Russian Wolfhound

The Russian Wolfhound is a sighthound and they originated in Arabia but were later on brought to Russia. They are known as Borzoi and were owned by the Russian nobility. Like their name suggests, the Russian Wolfhound were used to hunt down wolves.

In Russian, the name, Borzoi, itself translates to 'swift', which is a perfect word to describe this particular breed. Long and lean, the Borzoi is a rapid and intimidating hunter, that is both fearless and intelligent. This breed is said to possess some characteristics of a cat as it is quiet and clean.

The Borzoi is a tall, slender dog that is both friendly and affectionate but can be a vicious hunter when called to par. They will do well around children and other dogs, but if there are smaller animals in the house, such as guinea pigs, rabbits, cats, hamsters, etc. they should be monitored well as these can be interpreted as prey to the Borzoi.

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