Russo-European Laika

The Russo-European Laika is a one of the several breeds of dogs that were developed in Russia from the very ancient spitz type Landrace Laika dogs. This hunting breed was developed through a breeding program conducted by E.I. Shereshevsky in 1944. Its progenitors are a female West Siberian Laika and a white male obtained from the Pomozda District of Komi Republic. This breed is the smallest of the Laika breeds and is used as an all around hunting dog on both large and small game, though it was originally used mainly to hunt squirrel. It is closely related to the Karelian Bear Dog, but is smaller, lighter in bone and squarer in build.

The Russo-European Laika is a medium size, lean but compact dog that stands between 21-23 inches and weighs about 45-50 lbs. The slightly rectangular body has well developed bone structure without having a massive look. The dog has a small head and equilateral triangular shaped skull. Strong and dry muzzle tapers to black nose. Dark eyes are small and oval in shape. Very mobile ears are erect and pointed at tips. Well developed body has broad and deep chest, strong and muscular back and slightly tucked up belly. The tail that is either curled or sickle shaped is carried over the back.

This dog sports a harsh and straight double coat that comes in salt & pepper, gray or black with white markings.

This breed is NOT recognized by AKC however it is recognized by UKC.

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