The Saarlooswolfhond is a wolf-like dog hybrid that has a Dutch origin. The dog is unmistakably like a wolf in appearance. The dog was able to retain it's strong pack instinct which means owners will need to have firm handling due to the dog's large size and strong-willed temperament. The Saarlooswolfhond is also known to be called as Saarloos Wolf Dog.

These dogs not only look like a wolf but also have an attitude that resembles that of the wolf. They are not friendly and their family is not as important to them as their pack is. These dogs still enjoy being inside the house and being with their family members despite being wolf-like in nature. They should not be left outside or forgotten as they need human companionship and interaction too.

The dog is a wonderful guard and watch dog. They are also good around with children but these children must be around since the dog has been raised to not have problem with socialization. Strangers should approach or move with caution when it comes to these dogs.

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