Sage Koochee

The Sage Koochee is an ancient flock guardian that originated in Afghanistan and Central Asia. These dogs accompany nomad tribes in their travels, guarding the flock and caravan from wild animals and thieves. They have been developed to work under minimum guidance and training. These hardy dogs have adapted to extreme low and high temperatures and can get along with little water and food. These dogs have become integral part of the Koochi tribes, fearlessly guarding their flock and possessions from wild animals and thieves.

The Sage Koochee dog breed has been developed through natural selection and as such, have highly diversified appearance and dogs differ from region to region. These dogs usually stand between 28-35 inches and weigh around 88-176 lbs. They come with a wedge-shaped or brick shaped head, a bear type skull, muscular and dry muzzle and traditionally cropped ears. Square body has level topline. This bred has a long thick neck that is loosely covered with skin and hangs from the base of the jaws to the chest. The neck is densely covered with smooth under wool. A distinct feature of this breed is the dark spots that cover the body, the abdomen, the inside of the mouth and the bridge of the nose. Coat color, coat type and length vary from one individual to another.

There are three types of Sage Koochee dogs, the mountain type, the desert type and the steppe type. The mountain type dogs are heavily coated large dogs; steppe type have medium length coat with mastiff like built and the desert type are medium size dogs with medium coat with an undercoat that grows thicker during winter.

Desert type Sage Koochees are further classified into lion or tiger types. A Sage Kooche lion type is a majestic dog, moving with the head held high as if proclaiming to one and all its proud heritage. The tiger type is named so because of its agile, swift and graceful cat-like motion.

This breed is NOT recognized by AKC or any other major kennel club.

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