The Saluki originated in the Middle East and was bred to hunt jackal, gazelle, hare and fox. The name itself derives from the Middle Eastern city called Saluki which does not exist anymore. This breed has a sacred sentimentality because people of the Muslim faith thought that they were a present from their God and would never sell them only give them to friends as gifts. The exact whereabouts this dog actually began to be bred is thought to be near the region of Turkey.

This breed is a very slim and athletic dog that has incredible speed and agility. They have a very skinny face with a long muzzle and large droopy ears. The legs of this dog are elongated and strong helping them with their speed and gait. The Saluki has long hair streaming off their ears, tail, and they have tufts of hair on their paws to prevent damage to them when running.

This breed has a non stop mind set of a hunter. They should not be around any small pets such as cats, mice, guinea pigs, hamsters, etc. as their instinct to hunt will kick in. When running, this dog will have all legs in the air giving them incredible stride and saving them crucial energy when on an actual hunt.

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