Sanshu Dog

The Sanshu Dog is a small to medium size multifunction dog that originated in Japan in 1912. Believed to be developed from such breeds as Chinese Chow Chow, Akita Inu and now extinct Japanese Aichi and Phu Quoc Dog, this dog resembles a smaller Akita or large Shiba dog in appearance. It is a robust and lively dog that is used as herding, driving, protection, hunting, guard and watchdog.

This dog comes in two varieties. A larger Sanshu Dog stands between 20-22 inches while the smaller version of Sanshu Dog stands between 16-18 inches. Weight ranges from 44-55 lbs for this breed. This dog has a wedge-shaped head with a tapering muzzle. Almond shaped eyes are dark colored. Erect ears are triangular shaped and small in size. The coat of this breed is short and coarse. It comes in various colors that include red, gray, tan, white, pied, black and tan and salt & pepper.

This breed is very popular in Japan, not only for its multifunctional personality but also for its even and calm temperament and sweet nature. This wonderful dog is relatively unknown outside its country of origin.

This breed is NOT recognized by AKC or any other major kennel club.

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