The Sapsari (often spelled Sapsaree) is also known as Sapsal. It is a medium size dog that originated in Korea and is declared National treasure in its country of origin. The first syllable of the name “Sap” means to dig out and the second word “Sar” means a ghost. So the word Sapsari literally stands for “a dog that roots out evil spirits”. This dog is traditionally believed to have the power to dispel ghosts and evil spirits and it was developed as an spiritual dog breed.

This is an old dog breed, believed to be present in 15th century, that almost became extinct after WWII when the Japanese killed these dogs in large numbers for pelts. It is debated were these dogs completely exterminated or a few still existed to give father dogs of today. Some believe the Sapsari of today are a re-creation of the original breed while others believe that today’s’ dogs are the genuine descendents of the original breed.

The Sapsari is a medium size dog with a long and full coat that comes in a wide variety of colors, patterns, and shades. Colors can include solid or mixed shades of black, golden, blonde, red/orange, brown, and greys. The hair falls over the eyes of the Sapsaree, in the same manner as the Old English Sheepdog. The Sapsaree has been called “a lion dog” for its bulky and strong upper body and its large and imposing paws. The body of this dog gives impression of compact sturdiness. The head is large and chest is well developed. This dog stands between 20-23 inches and weighs about 40-62 lbs.

This breed is NOT recognized by AKC or any other major kennel club.

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