The Sarplaninac is an uncommon dog breed named after the Shar Plania Mountain range where they are usually found. However, the dog can also be found in other mountain areas such as Korab, Bistra, Mavrova and Pelister. As not many people have experience with the breed, there are many traits of this dog that are unknown. The Sarplaninac is also known to be called as Sar Planina, Illyrian Sheepdog, Macedonian-Yugoslav Shepherd Dog ' Sharplaninec, Charplaninatz, Yugoslav Shepherd Dog, Illyrian Dog, Yugoslav Mountain Dog, Ovcarski Pas Srbije I Crne Gore and Sarpie.

The Sarpies are generally used as a livestock guardian dog. As they are more protective of animals in their territory, the dog is made to protect large flocks from bear, wolf, fox, lynx and even humans. These dogs are extremely protective of their land, flock and their families. The dog is very reserved with those that they do not know. They are unfriendly dogs. Many times the dog tends to be aggressive.

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