Schiller Hound

The Schiller Hound (Schillerst�vare) is a scenthound hunting dog that originated in Sweden in late 19th century. Its progenitors are Swiss Hounds and the Harrier. This rugged breed was developed by Swiss farmer Per Schiller as fox and rabbit hunting and the first dogs were shown in a dog show in 1886.

This is a medium size breed that is known as the fastest Scandinavian dog for its incredible speed on freezing cold terrain while hunting for long periods. Immense power and endurance are other hallmarks of this breed. This medium size breed stands between 20-23 inches and weighs 39-55 lbs. The dog has a beautiful lean but well muscled body with striking golden tan coat. The Schiller Hound comes with a long, triangular head, broad and slightly arched skull and long, straight muzzle that leads to well developed black nose. Lively and expressive eyes are dark brown and high set, soft ears hang down flat. A Schiller Hound has a long powerful neck that is closely fitted with supple skin. This breed has a slightly longer than tall body that has strong and level back, well developed deep chest with moderately sprung ribs, muscular and broad loin and slightly tucked-up belly. Rather high set tail is thick at the base and tapers to the tip. It is carried either straight or slightly curled. The Schiller Hound has a medium length, harsh and close-fitting coat that comes with a black mantle on tan colour.

The Schiller Hound breed is NOT recognized by AKC however it is recognized by UKC and FCI.

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