The Schipperke originated in Belgium and was bred to guard boats either docked or at sea and to hunt down vermin that live aboard the ships. They are descendants of the Belgium Sheepdog but were bred to become decreased in size until they reached their current weight which tops out at a whopping 18 lbs.

This breed is petite and has a significantly compact body and tiny, fine boned legs. They have a sharp muzzle and ears that are tiny but are pointed upwards giving them a constantly perceptive look. The Schipperkes tail will be docked for show purposes but if left natural will be a tight coil that curls over to touch their lower back.

The Schipperke is a lively little dog that is courageous and strong minded. They love children, and will get along well with other dogs and cats so will make a great family dog. This breed has a very high adoration for their master and will usually give all of their love and loyalty toward that one person. They are not as outgoing or friendly with people they've never met or even know because they are devoted to their owner.

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