Scottish Terrier

The Scottish Terrier originated in Scotland and was bred to hunt smaller animals such as rodents, foxes and badgers on farmland. Typically on a hunt this breed would chase after their prey and follow it into their den, from there the owner would pull the dog out by the tail with the prey in the dogs mouth! Although they have a sweet appearance, the Scottie dog is a vicious little hunter that is excellent at their job.

These dogs were first recognized in the late 1800's and were originally named Aberdeen Terriers as this is the name of the city in Scotland where they were first bred. They are a courageous, animated little dog that can have a very moody temperament. They have a willful attitude but possess an affectionate and caring demeanor. This little dog is not used for their hunting abilities today, but more so a companion to people.

The Scottish Terrier is a stout little dog that is athletic and muscular giving them weight to back up their strength when on a hunt. They have short legs and a long tail that is thick purely for the purpose of being able to lift the dog by it! The Scottie's ears are medium sized while pricked upward and they have a long powerful muzzle used to crush their prey.

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