The Shikoku is one of the Spitz type dog breeds from Shika Inu category of Japanese dogs. This is a medium size dog that is in existence since centuries. Mainly developed as a hunter of large game, deer and wild boar are among its quarry.

The Shikoku has descended from a very primitive breed, Nihonken, along with other Japanese breeds of today like Akita, Kesho, Hokaiddo, Kai Ken and Shiba Inu. The Nihonken dogs were present during Jomon Period which dates back to 10000-300 B.C.

The Shikoku is a medium size dog that stands between 17-21 inches and weighs around 35-55 lbs. It is a Spitz type dog with a double coat, prick ears and curled tail. This well balanced dog comes with a broad skull, long and wedge-shaped muzzle with straight nasal bridge that leads to black nose. Dark brown, relatively small eyes are triangular in shape and well set apart. Small, erect ears are slightly inclined forward. It comes with a thick and powerful neck. The body is slightly longer than tall with a deep chest and well sprung ribs. Straight and strong back with muscular loin gives the dog a well balanced and muscular look. The belly is slightly tucked up. Thick tail is set high and carried curled over the back. The harsh and straight double coat comes in beautiful sesame, black sesame or red sesame.

This dog is NOT recognized by AKC however it is recognized by FCI and UKC.

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