Siberian Laikas

The term Siberian Laikas refers to Russian working dog breeds of Northern type. It is a generic name for different laika races. Six breeds belong to this group which are West Siberian Laika, East Siberian Laika, Russian European Laika and Karelo-Finnish Laika, Northeasterly Hauling Laika and Nenets Herding Laika. The first four are hunting dogs for bear, elk, forest birds, which are also occasionally used for pulling sleds; one is a herding dog (which can also pull sleds) and one, the Hauling Laika, is a pure sled dog. These breeds are classified by regions.

Generally, all Laika breeds have thick and wooly coats that protect them from extreme cold temperatures, strong and muscular necks and feathered tails. They are hardy and resistant breeds that can survive in extreme harsh conditions with minimal care. The Laika dogs are very hard working, affectionate and loyal dogs that are easily trainable with a firm and experienced trainer.

The Laika breeds are NOT recognized by AKC however they are recognized by FCI, UKC and CKC.

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