Small Schwyz Hound

The Small Schwyz Hound is one of the variants of Small Bernese Hound, originating in Switzerland. There are four varients of Small Bernese Hound that are known as Small Bernese Hound, Small Jura Hound, Small Lucerne Hound and Small Schwyz Hound. All of these dogs are similar in appearance and temperament but differ only in colour.

This breed (the Small Bernese Hound or Small Swiss Hound) is a reduced version of Swiss Hound which was developed when the new shoots or enclosed methods of hunting were introduced that needed a small dog with excellent hunting skills.

The Small Schwyz Hound is a passionate hunter of small game with excellent nose and melodious voice. It stands between 13-17 inches and weighs about 18-33 lbs. It comes with a rectangular body with firm and straight back, broad and muscular loin, deep and broad chest and slightly tucked-up belly. It has a noble head, strong muzzle, dark eyes and supple, low hanging ears with fine hair.

The Small Schwyz Hound has a smooth coat that comes in black colour and tan markings above eyes, on cheeks, legs and chest. Alternatively, this variant of Small Swiss Hound can have tan colour with a black saddle. Small white patches on chest are acceptable.

This breed (Small Swiss Hound) is NOT recognized by AKC however it is recognized by FCI.

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