Spaniel de Pont-Audemer

The Spaniel de Pont-Audemer is also known as Epagneul Pont-Audemer or Setter of Pont-Audemer. It is a rare, medium size stocky type gun dog breed that was developed in Pont-Audemer region of France in 19th century. Though exact origination is unknown, this breed is believed to have originated from different breeds of water-spaniels. Its progenitors are thought to be English Water Spaniel and Irish Water Spaniel though Barbet and Poodle are also considered to be involved in the development of this breed. Though originated from Spaniels, the breed took more of a Setter role.

This medium size hardy dog stands between 20-23 inches and weighs about 44-60 lbs. It comes with a round skull, a long muzzle with arched nasal bone and brown, pointed nose. Small, dark amber or hazal colour eyes have kind and frank expression. Long, flat and well furnished ears are set low. The slightly arched neck is neat and well muscled. Well balanced body has deep and broad chest with well sprung ribs, short, broad and solid loin, straight or slightly convex back and slightly tucked-up belly. Well feathered tail is generally docked and carried straight.

The Spaniel de Pont-Audemer has a long, curly coat that comes in brown or brown roan colours.

This breed is NOT recognized by AKC however it is recognized by UKC and FCI.

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