Spanish Hound

The Spanish Hound or Sabuesos Espanoles (Spanish Scenthound) is a scenthound breed that originated in Iberian Peninsula, Spain. This multi-talented dog has been used since hundreds of years exclusively for hunting purposes. Though considered specialist in small game hunting, the dog has proved its abilities and skills in hunting all kinds of game including wild boar, hare, brown bear,red deer, roe deer, fox, wolves and chamois. Its first description was done by King Alphonso XI in 14th century.

The Spanish Hound is a medium size, rectangular and long, solid boned dog that stands between 20.5 to 23.5 inches and weighs about 55 lbs. It comes with a long and proportionate head, medium width, convex and slightly doomed skull and moderately rectangular muzzle which narrows down to large, light or intense black nose. Medium size, almond shaped dark eyes hold expressions of sadness and intelligence. The soft ears are large, long and hanging. Broad, strong and muscular neck has thick, loose skin the forms a dewlap. The clearly rectangular body has a well developed chest, straight topline, long back and strong, slightly raised loin. The tail is carried down in repose and raised in sabre fashion when the dog is in action. The dense, flat, short and smooth coat comes in white and orange colour in irregular markings.

This breed is NOT recognized by AKC however it is recognized by FCI and UKC.

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