Srpski Gonic

The Srpski Gonic is a pack hunting scenthound that can use its keen sense of scent to track and hunt small to medium size game like deer, foxes, rabbits and hares. Originated in Balkan Territory, this medium size tenacious hunter was previously known as Serbian Hound. Also known as Balkan Hound and Balkanski goni, origin of this breed dates back to 18th century although some fanciers also believe that this breed was present even in the 14th century. The Serbian Hound is one of a group of scent hounds that spread throughout the Balkans. It was speculated that the hounds from Asia Minor have prominently featured in the development of this breed. It was thought that ancestors of this breed of scent hound were the hounds from Egypt that were left by the Phoenicians traders in the Balkan regions around 1000 BC. The first record of the Balkan Hound comes from the 11th century where a man called Frank Laska described the breed in detail.

The Srpski Gonic is a medium size lively breed that is full of character. The dog stands between 17-21 inches and weighs about 44 lbs. It is a well balanced dog with robust constitution. It comes with a slightly rounded skull, wedge-shaped muzzle that progressively tapers to well developed, black nose. Eyes are medium in size and oval in shape. Medium length, pendulous ears are set high and hang close to the cheeks. Slightly elongated body has level topline, straight, strong and long back, well muscled loin and slightly tucked-up belly. The Srpski Gonic has a short and abundant coat that comes in different shades of red with a black saddle.

This breed is NOT recognized by AKC however it is recognized by FCI.

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