Srpski Planinski Gonic

The Srpski Planinski Gonic or Serbian Mountain Hound is a rare dog breed originating in mountain regions of Serbia. This breed is used to hunt hare, fox and small game but occasionally used to hunt larger game like wild boar or deer. The Serbian Mountain Hound is descended from the Balkan Hound, the Hellenic Hound and a number of other ancient Molossian hunting and pariah dogs of Serbia and Greece, including the hunting variety of the Sylvan.

It is considered to be an ancestor of many modern breeds, including the Transylvanian Hound, Black Forest Hound and the Austrian Alpine Shorthaired Hound, with which it has often been confused in the past.

The Srpski Planinski Gonic has a height that ranges from 18 to 22 inches and a weight that falls between 44 and 55 pounds. Dogs of this breed have a smooth coat that is black and tan in color.

This medium size dog has a solid conformation. It comes with a dolichocephalic head, long skull and thick, broad muzzle. Black nose is well developed. Light to dark brown colored eyes are oval shaped. Pendant shaped, moderately long and high set ears hang close to the head. The solidly build body is rectangular in shape. It comes with long, broad and muscled back, medium length, well muscled loin, deep and strong chest and slightly tucked-up belly.

The short, dense and rough coat comes in basic black color with tan markings present on different parts of the body.

This breed is NOT recognized by AKC however it is recognized by FCI.

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