St.Germain Pointing Dog

The St.Germain Pointing Dog is a medium to large dog breed that is a versatile hunter used for hunting as a gun dog and pointer for hunting other small game. The dog was developed around 1830 from French pointers descended from the royal packs of King Louis XV and the English Pointer, brought to France by Mr. de Girardin, a master huntsman for King Charles X. The breed was named after Saint-Germain-en-Laye Forest keepers who bred the products of cross mentioned.

The St.Germain Pointing Dog is also known to be called the Braque Saint-Germain. Of all the French pointers, this English-French mix is the most elegant. The breed is now very rare because it is not very widespread although it was very common in the early twentieth century. Also, it competes with the English Pointer which is a similar dog in appearance and abilities. Initially, the name given to the breed was Compiegne Pointer. But then it was changed to Saint Germain Pointer when the dogs were taken to the forested areas of Saint Germain for further development.

These dogs can passionately hunt in any types of terrain. They are prepared and tireless working dogs. The dog is very affectionate, loyal and obedient to their humans and they are capable to show great affection once it gets into a family. They can get along well other dogs and other house pets. Occasionally, the dog can show stubbornness but they are generally gentle and friendly with children although they will be reserved when it comes to strangers.

These dogs are very intelligent making them easy to train with a firm and consistent training. Early socialization and obedience training would also be beneficial to avoid the dog from becoming unruly. Long walks are also recommended especially if the dog lives in a small space where there is not enough space for them to run around.

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