The Stabyhoun(also known as Frisian Pointing Dog, Beike Dutch Stabyhoun and Stabij ) is a versatile, medium size dutch dog that originated in Friesland province of Netherlands. It is a very rare breed of dog that was documented as early as 1800s. This Stabyhoun is very much a dog for common man and hence fairly all round. In the early days, the dog was used as hunter of small game and birds but over the time, it proved its skills as mole hunter, gundog, pointer, tracker and good watchdog. Poor farmers used to highly value this all round breed because they could afford only one dog and such a versatile dog as Stabyhoun was able to provide them with versatility as watchdog, hunting companion and loyal family dog.

This medium size dog stands between 19-21 inches and weighs about 40-55 lbs. The Stabyhoun has sturdily built elongated dog that comes with a head that is lengthier than wide and slightly rounded skull. The powerful muzzle tapers gradually towards well developed black or brown nose. Medium size round eyes are same colour as nose. Moderately long ears are set rather low and hang down along the head. Short and round neck comes without throatiness or dewlap. Rectangular and powerful body comes with straight and rather long back, powerful loin and broad chest with well rounded ribs. Belly is moderately tucked-up. The body is covered with long and smooth coat that comes in black, brown or orange colours with white markings.

This breed is NOT recognized by AKC however it is recognized by AKC(FSS), FCI and UKC.

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