Standard Schnoodle

The Standard Schnoodle is a cross of the Poodle and the Standard Schnauzer. Both breeds are German in origin, but while the Poodle was originally used in hunting and retrieving, the Standard Schnauzer comes from herding breeds, and is a good guard dog as well.

The Poodle was a favorite of European royalty, and because of its natural agility and high intelligence, is prized as a show dog. It is also known for the stylishness of its clips, although the oldest of these were actually develop to enable the Poodle to hunt better and yet retain warmth and protection over its vital organs.

The Standard Schnoodle is actually the older among three Schnauzer breeds. It has been a popular dog in Europe, used in hunting, ratting, guarding, and all-around work. With a hard, wiry coat and a beard, it is easy to mistake it for a terrier, but the Standard Schnauzer is a different breed altogether. Breed historians peg contributing lines from the Poodle and German Pinscher.

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