The Stichelhaar is a versatile hunting dog that originated in Germany. It is the oldest German rough-haired pointing dog that was re-developed from few specimen of German Patridge dog. It is also known as Deutscher Stichelhaariger Vorstehhund, German Broken Coated Pointer and Deutsch Stichelhaar.

It is a strong dog of medium to large size with stiff, hard coat and moderate beard. This even tempered dog stands between 23-27 inches. The body is almost equal in height and length. The dog has a proportionate head, slightly rounded and broad skull, and long, powerful, medium width muzzle. Nose is light to dark brown. Medium size, slightly oval eyes are brown in colour. High set, medium length ears hang closely along head. The square body has level topline, firm and straight back, well muscled loin and deep chest with well sprung ribs.

The coat is stiff, harsh and bristly that comes in brown, roan brown and light brown colours with or without white or brown patches.

This breed is NOT recognized by AKC however it is recognized by FCI.

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