Sussex Spaniel

The Sussex Spaniel originated in England and was bred to chase game out of hiding and locate/retrieve them for their owner. They are thought to be a mixture of various Springer Spaniels and the Field Spaniel. This breed came very close to extinction and were selectively bred to a safe level but are still a rarity today.

This breed has a long body and shortened muscular legs giving their body a high resemblance to the Basset Hound and the Clumber Spaniel. Their eyes are large and they have long, floppy ears. The Sussex Spaniel will have a long muzzle, wide chest and big paws. Naturally these dogs have a long tail, but will be docked for show purposes.

The Sussex Spaniel is a very docile, sweet breed that has a laid back attitude. They are energetic while working but for the most part are at ease and take life at a slow pace. This breed is not common, but will make a great family pet because they adore children and interact well with other animals. Sussex Spaniels have a stubborn streak, but are generally obedient and want nothing but to please their masters.

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